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Britney In Icons

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WELCOME! Obviously, this community is ONLY for Britney Spears' graphics (blends/wallpapers/animations/blinkies ... etc), but mainly icons. Share and request! A few rules would help to stay organized ...

1. SHARE, not a must, but it would be awesome if you do!
2. You are not allowed to take any icons if the creator says so. And if you were caught claiming an icon to be yours, and it's not, you will be banned without any warning.
3. Always comment and tell the creator which icon you're taking.
4. CREDIT is a must, IF asked for.
5. Always put icons you're posting behind an LJ-cut, teasers are allowed, but not like 654561651024. Check the LJ FAQ if you don't know what an LJ-cut is.
6. Request, but make sure it's detailed. Give TIME for the creator to make you one, don't keep on nagging about it. Again, credit is a must if asked for.
7. Do NOT request by commenting in someones entry, always start a new entry when requesting.
8. Comment nicely, no bad comments, or you'll be warned.
9. You are NOT allowed to promote any community, UNLESS it's BRITNEY SPEARS related only. Otherwise, your post will be deleted as soon as an admin reads it.
10. Please, have fun :)

I'll be so happy to have you as an affiliate! Just make sure you're a GRAPHICS community! Email me and i'll be glad to add you ASAP. =)






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